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Ughh, this is awkward...

Self-proclaimed fanfic writer, drowning in a sea of anime fandoms

I'm writing for the fun of it, mostly lemons and stupid fluff stuff that usually ends up either angst or parody (Sorry, I can't control the stories when I'm writing them! They just unravel on their own)
Thanks for dropping by, and if you have an idea about what you'd like to read or whatever, leave a comment! :D

Current obsessions:
D.Gray-Man - Shokugeki no Souma - Days - Orange - Fukigenna Mononokean - Cheer Danshi

Lifelong obsessions:
KHReborn! - Magi - Bleach - Kuroko no Basket - Gangsta - Noragami - Psycho-pass - Nozaki-kun

Upcoming hypes:
Haikyuu 3 - Boku no Hero Academia 2 - Arslan Senki 2 - Nanatsu no Taizai 2 - All Out - Ao no Exorcist

You can find my NSFW Kuroko no Basket oneshots at my AO3 page!
I will start posting all my NSFW on AO3 as DA has become quite swift in deleting them...
WARNING: Extremely long journal ahead, full of bad sexual jokes, profanities and random facts, and an even longer credit appendix. Delve at your own risk.

“HELLOOOOO EVERYONE! Your favourite god is here!”


“I’m here to bless your souls with happiness and sprinkle your lives with sparkles!”


“Feel free to adore me to eternity and let me take you under my divine protection!”


“Oh, Sel. Sorry. Didn’t see you there! I was blinded by my gloriousness.”

“Right. Whatever. Do you have my questions?”

“Ah, yeah! Delivery God Yato at your service!”

          *extends his arm forward*


“My payment!”

“You cheapo! Here’s your 5-yen coin! Give me the questions now!”

          *stares at shady paper with guidelines*

“Apparently I have to call guests… hmmm…”

“Seriously, we’ll never finish like this!”

“Okay, okay! Here we go! The first batch of questions are from deliriumgrey and the first guest is...”

          *does air drum roll*

“You’re pathetic!”


“Hello Sel!”


“I’ve got your questions!”

          *opens envelope, takes out a couple of flashcards and swallows noisily*

“Okaaaaay, first question: When you write your amazing smut where do you get your inspiration on the naughty bits? Like, do you watch/read porn/hentai or does it just come to you?”

“Hihihi cute flustered Daichi…!”


“Okay, so, I do watch and read a lot of porn and hentai but I rarely use material from such sources. I usually write the characters in the settings I’d like to see them and the way I imagine they’d react in real life. Like you Daichi… You’d look so perfect wet in a shower…”

“Ughhh, okay, next question!”

          *frantically changes flash card*

“WHY IS A PICTURE OF ME HALF-NAKED IN HERE??? AND WHY IS THIS What does this (pic) do to you, mind, body and soul? THING WRITTEN ON IT?”
Large (1) by deliriumgrey

“You know very well why, love…”

“D-don’t say such things in public…!” *becomes bright red*

“What? You don’t want me to say how my knees get weak and the only thing I can think of is how interesting you’d look without whatever few things you wear in the pic…?”

“I-I can’t do this! Bye!” *leaves*

“Well, dgrey-chan, we lost him!” *shrugs*


“Nice! One down, many to go!”

“Yato! Show some respect to my watchers!”

“Delivery God Yato will do anything for only 5 yen!”

“I’m gonna go broke by the end of the Q&A…!”

“What’s 5 yen for the presence of an awesome host like me?”

“Right, right.”

“Thank you! Next, agatstone!”


“So, who’s gonna give me the questions?”


“Gintoki? Why you?”

“Dunno. Pachi-boy said we received a request.”

          *picks nose*


“Shut up and let’s get this over with. I’ve got a chocolate parfait melting on my desk.”


“Ignoring you. First question: Do you like games? If yes, what types and favourite game so far.”

“Whatever, Gintoki. I love RPGs -MMORPGs and single player. My no1 is GuildWars, the first one.”

“Favourite movie of 2015 or 2016 and of all time?”

“Living in Japan means that movies get released like 6 months later than the rest of the world and when they are finally out, you’re probably visiting your country or something where they have already been withdrawn -MY FREAKING LUCK…!. So, I didn’t get to see many, even though I was super hyped for Age of Ultron and Deadpool. I did get to see the live action movie for Bakuman though -on a plane- and it was pretty cool. Favourite movie of all time, I guess Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers. I’ve watched it like 15 times.”

“You talk too much! Moving on.”

“Why the hell did you come here? To ruin my Q&A?”

“To get money.”


“You didn’t seem to have such feelings for me when you were writing smut.”


“Yeah, right, that’s why you’re drooling right now.”


“So, any books, movies/anime you're looking forward to?”

“Gosh, I do hate you. Well, books not really, I’ve fallen behind the new releases while in Japan. There’s a ton of anime that I’m looking forward to though, from the new seasons for Haikyuu, Terra Formars, Arslan, Souma and Taizai, to the releases of Sinbad, Boku no Hero Academia, Berserk, Handa-kun and All Out. And OF COURSE, D.GRAY-MAN!!!”

“Suddenly you got excited.”

“Yeah ‘cause I will substitute Gintama.”

“Nothing can substitute Gintama.”


“It’s true.”

“Shut up.”

“Favourite season?”

“Autumn. The weather is perfect and I love the colours.”

“You’re boring.”

“You’re annoying!”

“Do you ship only het ships? If not, examples.”

“I’m super tempted to say that I ship you with Hijikata right now.”

“But you don’t, so say the truth.”

“Well yeah, I don’t ship you with Toushi. You’d make a better couple with Sadaharu!”

“Oh, you got bestiality fantasies now?” *deadpans*

“If you’re in them…” *winks* “About the question, it’s not that I really ship, but I consider some non het couples “married”. Best example, IkkakuxYumichika.”


“I ain’t givin’ you s**t! Get the hell outta here! Zoophile! Thanks so much for the cookies agat-chan!!!”


“Another one down!”

“Seriously, you’re the worst host in the history of hosts!”

“What do you expect me to do?”

“Don’t know, but if that’s how you do it with your followers…”

What’s that even supposed to mean?

“Nothing, nothing, get me the next batch!”

“Right. The next follow- I mean next up is ThatGingahNinja!”

“Who’s gonna give me her questions?”

“Horsef- I mean Jean!”



“Gosh, why did I end up with another ass?”


“And why can’t I get someone with a cute ass at least? Daichiiiii come baaaack!!!”

“Are you saying I’m an ass? And not only that, but my amazing ass is not good enough for you?”

“Let me grab it and I’ll tell you.”


“Sorry, not sorry.”

“Didn’t expect anything better from you!”


“First question: Are you a collector of any sort? If so, what type of merch or items do you collect? i.e. keychains, action figures, stamps, rocks, used socks, etc.”

“Used socks…! I totally have tons of those!” *rofl* “I used to collect pencils from museums and attractions but I haven’t found any since I came to Japan, so I gave up. Now I’m collecting badges from conferences that I attend -how boring is that??”


“Look who’s talking! The wuss!”

“Shut up!”

“Btw, how come you’re still alive? Didn’t you get eaten or something?”

“There’re no Titans in real life, idiot!”

“Ohhh are we in some kind of Modern!AU?”

“Can you please shut the heck up and move on with your answers?”


“If you could eat only one candy for the rest of your life, what would you choose?”

“I’d love to say chocopan, which is a type of Japanese pastry with chocolate-

“Thanks for the explanation, Captain Obvious.”

“-but almost all the konbini in Japan have stopped selling it. So I guess I’ll go for almond chocolate.” *squints threateningly*

“Current top 3 fandoms?”





“Maybe Haikyuu?”


“Apart from Haikyuu, I’m really into Iron-blooded orphans (Gundam)-”

“Probably because of Orga’s abs.”

“Oh well, Orga’s abs are worth watching the ani- HEY! CAN YOU STOP INTERRUPTING ME? As I was trying to say, I’m kinda lost in the politics of the series, which is definitely not good. Or maybe it is. I don’t know. Oh, I’ve also fallen haaaaard for Ajin. Cute Kaito~”


“Oh, I should also put Reborn somewhere in there ‘cause it’s my all-time favourite fandom!”


“Thank you horsef- ahem, I mean Jean!”

“Yato! I’ll give you 5-yen if you bring in someone decent for the next batch!”

“Delivery God Yato at your service!”

“And please stop saying that, it kinda creeps me out!”

“5-yen please!”


“Next, Abby157 !”


“Is it my turn?”

“Ah, Makoto! Finally, a normal person…!” *sighs relieved*

“I’ve brought Abby-chan’s Qs!”

“Thank you!” *hugs him shamelessly*

“Ugh, okay! First question: Which character do you have the hardest time writing?”

“Characters like Tsukishima Kei. I hate his guts (sorry massive Tsukki’s fanbase…!), but I really want to try and write him, exactly because I hate his guts. I see it as a challenge.”

“Sel-chan scary…!”

“Don’t worry Mako, I’d never do anything bad to you!” *hugs him even tighter*

“I’m not sure what you meant exactly by that, but sure.”

“Looooots of things…!”

“Ughhhhhh okay, so, what anime or show are you into at the moment?”

“Haikyuuuuuu! But it ended…!” *sniffles*

“Don’t cry Sel-chan! It’s gonna start again in October!”

“Yay! Oh, I really enjoy Shouwa Rakugo as well.”

“Do you ever have dreams about anime?”

“YES! And I wish they’d come more often, especially the NSFW ones, delicious Mako~”


“You’re more than qualified…!”


“W-what is your least favourite anime?”

“Hmmm, difficult question. I really hated Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio. If you ever come across it, don’t watch it. It’s extremely boring. Even though it has nice colours.”

“Nice colours…?”

“Yeah, you know, all these sparkling blues and reds and yellows, kinda like K.”

“Oh, I see. Who is your favorite music artist/group?”

“Don’t really have one. I’m really into Sid and Tacica lately though.”

“Final question! What country would you like to visit someday?”

“Since I was a child, I’ve wanted to go to Cambodia, Peru and Kenya. These are the absolute top 3 in my bucket list. In February I managed to go to Cambodia, so that’s one country off my list!”

“Yay! Thank you for having me here, Sel-chan!”

“Thank you Mako! Bye Abby-chan!”


“Yo, Sel!”

“L-Lavi…? Where’s Yato?”

“Dunno. He left probably.”


“Forget about Yato! Got your questions!”

“Oh my Qs! Whom are they from?”



“Hmmm? You got new obsessions, Sel?”


“She’s asking you about this… Handa-kun.” *raises an eyebrow*

“Oh. It’s not that I’m obsessed with Handa-kun.”


“Tch tch tch, you don’t follow the updates, love…!”

“What updates?”

“He’s sensei from Barakamon! :heart:


“And I’m not obsessed with him. I might have been a bit obsessed with Barakamon though andmighthavebeencrushingonHirojustatinybit ahem, what was I saying?”

“About Barakamon.”

“Ah yeah. So basically I enjoyed Barakamon too much and that’s why I’m hyped about Handa-kun!”


“Next question…?” *eyes the cards expectantly*

“Oh. Fave character (or 5, I know it’s hard to choose) in D.Gray-man? I’m watching you.

“I know, love. And you know that you’re my absolute 1 in DGM. But you also know that I love so many characters in your universe! From Tykki to Kanda and from Allen to Marian… There’re so many! I’ve been so obsessed with DGM that once I cut my hair like Anita’s!”

“Yeah and it didn’t end that well…”

“It did end well, it’s just that it didn’t end up like Anita’s.”

“More like Makishima Shogo’s…”

“What can I say…? To my defense, he’s got great hair!”

“She’s asking if you’re gonna write smut about us before the new anime airs.”

“I was planning to hold back until the new anime, but with the Tykki stuff going on-”

“Tykki? WHAT TYKKI?”

“I know you’ve read through all my files –and Acchan’s, you damn Bookman, so don’t play it innocent!”

“Hmph. Okay.”

“And don’t be jealous. You’re gonna get so much smut, your perverted head’s gonna explode!”

“I love you too!”

“I know. Next!”

“Same for Arslan Senki? Daryun smut…” *sighs resigned*

“Hehehe when Daryun brushes horses…” *drools*

“I don’t wanna hear anymore! Moving on! Okay they don’t always have to be smut (Don’t look at me funny, I ask for fluff too!), moar Orga please? she says. Finally…!”

“Orga…! With all the stuff going on in Iron-blooded orphans, I can only see angst!”

Did you get bored of editing the Takeshi series? Should I just go read the rest?  Okay, you updated that one, so I’m skipping this Q. Who is your fave mad scientist in an anime?”

“Dr Franken Stein!!! Am I too sick that I see a lot of potential there???”

“You see potential everywhere!”

“Well, I’m doing my best to enjoy everything I watch!” *winks*

“I kinda like that about you! OH. 5 baes and kinks?” *blushes*

“Ohhhh you’re so sexy when you’re blushing! Your cheeks match your hair…!”

“Shut up! I don’t know if I want to hear your answer to this question!”

“Of course you do, little pervert. You’ll totally go Strike!


“So, in order according to bae-ness level,

    1.    Abarai Renji: Virgin kink – he’d loooove for his partner to play it innocent! Will you show me how to do it…?

    2.    Yamamoto Takeshi: Bondage – I don’t think that requires any explanations. Yandere Takeshi with a scarf/rope/t-shirt/whatever he’s got available…

    3.    Yuuki Tetsuya: Captain kink – Lead me, captain…!

    4.    Lavi: pretending that his partner is cheating their husband – MWAHAHA

    5.    Sharrkan: being watched having sex – That body has to be seen from every corner possible.”


“Shush, now you can pretend that I’m cheating whomever you want from my list with you…!”

          *nosebleeds to death*

“He died.”

“Nah, he’s got plenty of blood to replenish.”


“Stop calling me Yuu! Only Lavi calls me that!”

“I thought you hated it when Lavi calls you Yuu.”

“I do. SHUT UP.”

“Alma also calls you Yuu.”

“I know. SHUT UP.”


What was your best buy (fandom-wise) in Japan? Seriously, what the hell are you spending your time on?”

“You wouldn’t understand, Kanda, so shut up. It might sound extremely silly, when I got action figures and posters and manga and I don’t know what else, but I was super excited that I found DaiyanoAce pins for like 20yen each! And now I’ve got a chibi Tetsu on my bag!”


“I told you you wouldn’t understand, Kanda.” *flicks his hair* “You should play in commercials to earn some money.”


L’oreal because you’re worth it.”

“I HATE YOU. And abvore asks if you’ll hug her.”

“HUUUUUUGS! Thank you so much for knocking my bae out, Acchan! Get lost, Kanda!”

To be continued...
QnAnswers! ver 200.0 [2/2]

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